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Another collaboration between me and Jim Sande: BODHI. This has lyrics from "The Way of the Bodhisattva" by 8th Century scholar Shantideva

Latest collaboration

Using basic instrumentation of voice and piano, this song is told from the perspective of Bird, who is witnessing a world on fire. Bird wonders where its new home will be, or even if it can find a new home. Fire brings destruction, but it can also bring renewal. Will the burning world and Bird find such renewal? One is left to ponder these ideas and search for a solution that engenders hope while listening to Bird’s story. This song evokes feelings of longing through haunting, hopeful, and wistful sweeps of melody and form.

Music & piano by Jim Sande

Lyrics, voice & melody by Denise Glover

Vocals recorded & mixed at Lange Studios

Mastered by Ross Nyberg

On all major streaming platforms

Dreams of the Butterfly

Available as digital download here ---->

On all major platforms (find link here

I am excited to have released my 3rd CD! Recorded at David Lange Studios, this was a trio project with me (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Julian Smedley (violin, viola, guitar, harmony vocals) and Greg Glassman (bass, harmony vocals). Produced by Julian Smedley, engineered by David Lange & Ben Lange, mastered by Ross Nyberg. Graphics by berrygraphics. There are 3 originals, 4 covers, and 1 traditional song. 

The title track was inspired by the Zhuangzi, a Chinese philosophical text from the 4th Century BCE. In Chapter 2, “Zhuang Zhou Dreams of Being a Butterfly,” Zhuangzi awakens from a dream where he dreamed he was a butterfly. But upon waking, he wonders if maybe he is actually a butterfly dreaming he's a man. I've known about this story/text for decades, but only recently wrote a song based on it.


For more info about the album click here 

Single "Voices" is about Joan of Arc

This song I wrote about Joan of Arc, a formidable young woman if ever there was one. She was tenacious, loyal, and ever so brave. The voices she heard both guided her and led to her death. She was embraced by many, then abandoned, and centuries later resurrected. Her life was simple, and yet complex. Her story speaks to entanglement in a world of nationalist politics, religious ideology and power, gendered norms and defiance of those norms.

Voices smaller3_edited.jpg

For the cover art, I chose the statue of Joan (Jeanne d'Arc) in Reims, France. Reims was the site where Charles VII (of France) was consecrated as King (against the will of the English, who had invaded France). This was Joan's vision: to restore the rightful King of France to the throne, and she led armies into battle to do so (which in the end led to her execution).

Find "Voices" on your favorite digital platform:

I have a strong-willed equestrian daughter that is concerned about social justice. The church that my Aunt Sara belonged to for over 60 years was the St. Joan of Arc Church in the Bronx, NY. I have a dear cousin named Joan. These connections and my curiosity to learn more about Jeanne d'Arc led me to read "Joan of Arc: A Life Transfigured" by Kathryn Harrison (I chose the book that got the "negative" review of being "revisionist feminist history"--sounded perfect to me!).

Another single released is our cover of Neil Young's "Don't Let It Bring You Down." This has been one of my all-time favorite Neil songs. I am so pleased with the sound we got on this recording--a nice full trio sound.

On Spotify here

(also on all major streaming platforms)

The cover art on this is from an historic site in Rome....can you guess which one?

Don't Let It single cover.jpg

Thank you to all the medicine men & women helping to care for victims of COVID-19 (here is a playlist for you)


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Physical copy available on Amazon (or contact me directly)

   “Song crafting is an art, and Denise Glover has succeeded…her solid approach has a reflective, poetic quality and potential for widespread appeal.” – Joe Ross, Roots Music Report (Jan 18, 2019)

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All profits from song "Bailey" will be donated to the Bailey Holt Memorial Nursing Scholarship at Murray State University in Kentucky.

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